I have studied international business then I worked at various multinational enterprises (MNEs) and small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout my professional career, from the manufacturing industries to service industries in ASEAN and Europe. Those experiences have helped me to comprehend the depth of internationalisation of several business sectors to identify the firm’s challenge of difference to achieve success and really stand out in the market.

I learned that there is no such thing as a commodity and I believe that all goods and services are differentiable. Consequently, to achieve success, specifically in its early stages of growth, a firm (either MNEs or SMEs) must stand out which requires differentiation in product, service, process or marketing. Later, by enduring difference, it can only be maintained through a unique selling proposition: what your firm does well, what the consumer wants, and what your competitors do well. Once established, uniqueness requires nurturing and protecting as it involves a constant battle from all aspects of the business.

One of other interpretations in sustaining the international business in my view is to broaden your vision yet maintain the stability whilst advancing forward. You will never know how far your business will grow but you can always take control of your business.