In my experiences throughout my international research and professional career in ASEAN and Europe, the importance of having a clear, solid, and adaptive international marketing strategy is substantial for a firm (either MNEs/SMEs) to be successful and sustainable. Why? It is simple. Marketing is the link between production and profit to the market. Marketing is the sharp axe devoted to selling (the services/products). To fulfill this aim, close approach is very significant to know the customer, promote the product/service, create the key decisions about planning, and expenditure based on data gathered from all aspects of the business. Nevertheless, it takes a lifetime to master the brilliant formula in international marketing. Every business is unique, although they might have some common grounds in their marketing strategies, but the approach and execution will be different in one sector to another.

For me, every marketing strategy is distinctive and inimitable. In order to really comprehend and discover the innovative marketing strategy   for each sector/business, I need to research and study by observing, analyzing, and collecting the data. Furthermore, understanding and knowing the customer so well that the product fits them and sells itself are significant elements for marketing. Equally, nowadays, we are functioning not just with the old school of marketing mix strategy, but also mastering the digital marketing: ability to use SEM, SEO, Social Media and beyond.

Therefore, I mastered and updated my digital marketing skill with strategies, techniques, and tools that I need to enhance my marketing skillset and innovate new digital initiatives with confidence. Digitally, I learned how to connect with my audience/prospective clients, then how to convert them into my customers and how to continually engage with them. As a result, I can provide and implement effective marketing strategies related to organic search, paid search, and mobile app marketing. I can also acquire customer insights using social listening then I develop strategies for creating shareable content and creating brand advocacy through personalised and digital marketing programmes. In the end, I am confident to apply and structure the omni-channel marketing strategy for business.