Dessy Rutten, Ph.D, FeRSA

Dessy Rutten, Ph.D, FeRSA is an experienced economist/business woman/banker who has underpinning theories and pragmatic approaches in the field of international business, strategic management, international marketing, and business development for the banking, financial, research and education sectors. Her extensive knowledge in delivering practical management from various sectors has made her an expert to carry out her responsibilities in the best way. “Very convincing, pragmatic yet professional by having detailed and comprehensive analysis” are most of the answers from her clients/business stakeholders when you ask about her business performance.

She has a PhD in international business strategy, policymaking, and economic geography. Dessy also holds a FERSA fellowship from Regional Studies Association. She has delivered successful assigned projects in various sectors in Asia and Europe. Dessy is also a speaker at various international business/academic events, a writer, and also an activist for female empowerment in education and finance/entrepreneurship.

In finance/banking sector, she is an experienced international economist with extensive research and business trainings in banking (i.e international trade banking, international remittances, compliance handling and monitoring, maintaining and developing customer’s journey and satisfaction in retail banking, establishing and conducting KYC-AML, financial risk management and its crime, maintaining stakeholders engagement with banks and non-financial institutions).

Over the last 2 decades she has done and finished different and various international assignments and research projects successfully in the areas of banking/finance, international education management, entrepreneurship, and female empowerment in science, banking/finance, and business. She has worked and lived in ASEAN countries and the UK prior to her settlement in the Netherlands.